We're a firm on a mission

to change the future

for the next generation

Generation-R is an imagined name for the generation of children that will be born in the year 2100.

Their lives will be characterised by the need to Repair, Rewild and Renew our planet and its natural environment, unless we act now to change their fate.

Who we are

Gen-R Law is a firm on a mission. To bring the energy, passion and expertise of a full-service corporate law firm to the global work against climate change.

Gen-R Law is a vision. For a new go-to legal partner for the global business community as we work collaboratively to manage the risks and realise the opportunities presented by climate change, the defining challenge of our time.

Gen-R Law is an idea. That every aspect of the law can be practised through the lens of addressing climate change, whilst also helping clients drive sustainable long term value creation for all stakeholders.

Gen-R Law is a team. Where every lawyer uses their passion for the law and deep understanding of climate change to help clients pursue innovative solutions to these complex problems.

Above all, Gen-R Law is about using the power of the law to help secure a liveable planet for future generations. Gen-R Law, is for tomorrow.

How we're different


Gen-R Law is an ambitious vision for a full-service law firm with specialist climate change, environment and green-tech expertise embedded throughout every practice area – the ideal legal partner for any business seeking to navigate the defining challenge of our time.


As a firm, we donate 10% of our profits every year to environmental charities and causes, supporting initiatives which are already working to preserve and protect our natural world.


We believe that green-tech start-ups (GTSUs) are a critical piece in the climate change puzzle. We therefore offer a series of tailored and dedicated services for the GTSU community, to support these businesses as they seek to develop the technologies we need to succeed.


We believe that GTSUs are so important to our collective future, that we seek to invest 10% of our profits in GTSUs annually.


We offer pro-bono support to help develop re-wilding and conservation initiatives, along with other charities working in this space.


We have a specific focus on empowering young people to be part of the work against climate change. We achieve this by giving them the right tools, the right platform and – critically – hope.


We have a specific focus on incorporating knowledge and wisdom from indigenous peoples into the way we conduct ourselves and advise our clients, wherever possible.

A note from our founder

I founded Gen-R Law to contribute to the global work against climate change. I hope that, one day, Gen-R Law will be a leading international law firm, which truly stands out for its innovation, thought leadership and dedication to our mission, as the go-to legal partner for businesses seeking to navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by climate change.

Joshua Domb, Founder Gen-R Law

About us

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As of 4 March 2024, our doors are officially open! As a new firm, we are not yet in a position to offer all of the services described on this website. We have done our best to make clear what we can do now, and what forms part of our exciting plans for the years ahead.

We are working hard to make our ambitious vision into a reality. In the meantime, please do subscribe to receive our regular thought leadership and feel free to follow our journey and progress on LinkedIn.

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