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Our mission is to one day be a full-service corporate law firm, where every aspect of the law is practiced through the lens of climate change.

Importantly, this does not mean only offering services with a direct link to climate change; it means offering the full spectrum of services which fall under each area of legal practice, whilst also being the best in the business at practicing each of these areas of the law through our unique, climate change specific lens.

We are aiming to launch with our ESG, Compliance & Investigations offering in early 2024. We will build out our broader service offerings over the next few years, working in an order which best supports the needs of our clients.

For now, here is a little insight into how some of the practice areas we hope to offer in due course can be practiced through the lens of climate change. We hope that these examples might be useful to any lawyer trying to work out how they can use their skills to drive a climate positive agenda through their own area of practice.

If you think that you might be the right lawyer to help Gen-R Law bring these services to market, please do get in touch.

  • Leading expertise in conducting Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) due diligence as part of M&A deals.
  • Supporting with the incorporation and set up of green tech start-ups (GTSUs).
  • Providing M&A services for green tech companies and working on deals involving the acquisition or disposal of green tech assets.

  • Advising on the set up and incorporation of ‘Sustainable’ or ‘Green’ funds.
  • Supporting GTSUs as they seek and secure funding to help their businesses develop.

  • Advising on the writing of green loans, green bonds and related securitisations.
  • Advising on specialist financial products such as sustainability linked loans.

  • Advising on the development and execution of clean energy infrastructure projects, or other projects being undertaken as part of a business’s net zero transition.

  • Advising on the environmental aspects of construction projects to comply with relevant regulations and help minimise their carbon footprint and environmental impact.
  • Advising on contracts with developers on matters such as green development plans, carbon budgets for projects, appropriate waste management strategies, and linking these matters directly to fees payable for projects.

  • Supporting GTSUs in filing patents for new technologies and protecting those patents from being breached.

  • Supporting insurers who wish to invest in green funds and advising insurers on climate related risks and matters.
  • Advising on insurance products related to the energy transition, new technologies, the protection or restoration of natural spaces and the impact of climate change generally.

  • Advising on employee contracts and handbooks which embed environmental policies and net zero targets.
  • Advising on how to link pay for executives and employees to ESG goals.
  • Advising on the employment law aspects of whistleblowing reports concerning environmental matters.

  • Supporting high net worth individuals who wish to invest in or donate to green initiatives, charities, business or other projects.

  • Advising on the use of R&D credits, tax reliefs and other incentives which are being offered by governments around the world to support companies as they invest in the upgrades and research required as part of the net-zero transition.

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As of 4 March 2024, our doors are officially open! As a new firm, we are not yet in a position to offer all of the services described on this website. We have done our best to make clear what we can do now, and what forms part of our exciting plans for the years ahead.

We are working hard to make our ambitious vision into a reality. In the meantime, please do subscribe to receive our regular thought leadership and feel free to follow our journey and progress on LinkedIn.

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