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In his 2021 book, “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster”, Bill Gates broke down all global greenhouse gas emissions into the following five categories:

- Manufacturing (31% of emissions)

- Electricity generation (27% of emissions)

- Food (19% of emissions)

- Transportation (16% of emissions)

- Heating and cooling (7% of emissions)

Each of these areas is subject to a range of legal and regulatory regimes and requirements and represents a piece of the overall puzzle in the challenge to reach net-zero – a critical step in the broader challenge of addressing climate change.

In addition to being organised in traditional practice groups, Gen-R Law is organised into these sub-groups (which we call ‘Ecosystems’), with the addition of ‘Carbon Capture and Storage’, which is its own rapidly growing discipline and critical to achieving the overall net-zero goal.

Each of our lawyers is a member of at least one of these Ecosystems, which produce thought leadership and other guidance on these topics. By structuring Gen-R Law in this way, we ensure that the firm is focusing on addressing all aspects of global emissions and active in each of these spaces.

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As of 4 March 2024, our doors are officially open! As a new firm, we are not yet in a position to offer all of the services described on this website. We have done our best to make clear what we can do now, and what forms part of our exciting plans for the years ahead.

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