Support for Green-Tech!

At Gen-R Law we believe that green technology and green tech start-ups (GTSUs) are a critical part of the overall solution to the challenge of climate change.

We believe in this so strongly that we seek to invest 10% of our profits each year in GTSUs, supporting the creative and ambitious solutions that all of us need.

We aspire to one day be the go-to firm for ambitious green tech companies, as the natural legal partner which shares your mission, ethos and values. In time, we will be able to support your every legal need, guiding you from that first creative idea, right through to your becoming a market leading company whose products and services are changing the world for the better.

At this time (and whilst we are at the beginning of our own journey!) we offer a range of compliance and support services specifically for GTSUs, helping you put in place basic governance processes, policies and procedures to help ensure that your new venture doesn’t fall foul of issues like fraud or corruption at the beginning of its journey.

Do not underestimate the importance of having – and being able to demonstrate that you have – strong governance processes in place, to help attract critical funding from cautious investors, and protect that which you are seeking to build.

We are pleased to offer very substantial discounts on our normal pricing model to GTSUs – we know how tight finances can be in those first few critical years. We are here to help you succeed as a genuine partner who shares your ultimate mission.

If you think we could be the right partner for you, please do not hesitate to get in touch – whatever stage of development you have reached.

  • We support you to implement a range of proportionate policies and procedures covering matters such as anti-bribery, anti-money laundering and fraud, helping you win confidence from investors as your funding needs develop.
  • We embed these procedures through targeted training for relevant colleagues, to help set the right tone from the top of your company and ensure that relevant colleagues are sensitised to potential red-flags.
  • We can help you embed the right culture in your organisation, ensuring that good governance is a demonstrable part of your ethos from the beginning, not an afterthought attended to later.

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As of 4 March 2024, our doors are officially open! As a new firm, we are not yet in a position to offer all of the services described on this website. We have done our best to make clear what we can do now, and what forms part of our exciting plans for the years ahead.

We are working hard to make our ambitious vision into a reality. In the meantime, please do subscribe to receive our regular thought leadership and feel free to follow our journey and progress on LinkedIn.

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